The No No’s of Exercising

A group of us gals meet on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings for our beach run. Love our girl sweat runs! Our trainer is always throwing out wonderful tips on how to stay in shape and reach our goals. She then went on to say, “be aware of bad habits and the effect they have on you”. “We can train all we want, but if you haven’t nipped some of the culprits in the bud, they will definitely hold you back”. Be aware of bad habits. If you can eliminate them from your regimen you will watch your progress start to soar. Here are some suggestions of the most common culprits:


1. Not Warming Up
An adequate and efficient warm-up is essential to any workout, especially dynamic ones that get you moving in the right movement patterns. By not warming up, those muscles and joints of yours can decrease the effectiveness of your workout and increases your chance of injury. Your muscles are like waking up in the morning. You must wake them up slowly and get them moving before shoving them into a storm of movement. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself. It’s not a pretty site girls if you can’t wear those heels!

2. Not Eating Enough
The amount of energy you put into your body will dictate the training response, Think of it this way, if you want to drive for 10 miles and you only put enough gas in your tank for 5 miles, do you really think you are going to make it to the finish line? NOT. Building muscle requires fuel. Give your body that fuel it needs (some protein and carbs), and you’ll be surprised about the extra reps that you can do. Also, if you’re trying to lose weight, you need the right exercise. It won’t occur with short exercise, only prolonged exercise after that initial supply of carbohydrates is gone. Protein and a small amount of carbs is the formula. The carbs will burn first in the form of glycogen from muscle and liver, then the fat will burn when exercising for prolonged periods or with maximal output. Last comes the protein from muscles. That’s why you want to provide some protein up front to utilize for energy. Once you understand, set the fuel program into action.

3. Not Training Opposing Muscles
When working out, many trainers will advise working opposing movements, like pairing a bench press with a row. Neglecting certain movements and muscle groups (most commonly the back, hamstrings and glutes) can cause imbalances. So in your workouts remember this, after you work your chest, the next set of moves should be some type of back exercise. When you work your quads the next move should be your hamstrings, I remember it this way–Front, Back, Front,Back. Not hard to remember unless you can’t remember which is front and which is back!

4. Training Too Much
Ok, so you think if you stay longer and work harder things will melt off of you right before your pretty blues? Unfortunately that’s not the case. A common physiological response to training is the release of certain hormones into the bloodstream, such as testosterone and dopamine. If for instance you go past 45 to 55 minutes per workout, you can put your body into a negative hormonal state, Haven’t you ever seen the gal that starts her mornings out taking one class after another, and then weight lifting or running on the treadmill to try to burn as many calories as possible. Girrrl, this could mean serious over training, adrenal fatigue and performance decrements in the long term. Not a good feeling, not a good look. So let’s keep the training to a healthy limit. If you’re experiencing fatigue, pain, heart irregularities, too many injuries or your sleep patterns are disturbed, you may be exercising too much.

5. Training Too Frequently
Believe it or not, there is such a thing as over training. You could train 30 minutes a day, seven days per week, but still not see the results you’re looking for. Your body needs a recovery time, and everyone is different. You need to let the body recover and return to what they call homeostasis. Homeostasis is when all of your bodily functions are in perfect harmony. No matter how quickly you want to put on 10 pounds of muscle or lose the weight you gained from having a baby, constant workouts won’t do it. So find what works for you and go for it. Generally, leave a day or two free from vigorous exercise and see if it improves the days you do exercise. Besides I’m loving the fact that my body can actually be in perfect harmony. Humm what a great feeling!

Ok Girls, these last two are really No No’s!

6. Texting
Leave your phone in the locker! If you must have it, say for music, put it on airplane mode. Thank You Very Much! Also, let’s not use the seated weighted machines as your work desk. We all have to be aware of who might be waiting for you to finish and MOVE ON. Can you tell that #6 is a pain in my tush? Remember once you start your workout, keeping it moving is the name of the game. You’ll want to keep your heart rate up in order to burn calories and fat. If you stop for a dial up, you might as well say bye bye to the cardio training. The number of reps you’re able to perform might even decrease, sabotaging the short-term effects of your workout. If that becomes a habit, your body won’t make the improvements you’re looking for. So keep focused on the reason you are there. Is it for a healthy body or irritating everyone around you? You make the choice. Get rid of the phone!

7. Talking Too Much
Ok, so are you one of those who loves to come and chat while someone is working out? Are you at the gym to change your body and your life, or to make friends? While meet and greets are great, and yes always seeing a great friend and playing catch up is fun, it’s not appropriate in the gym. Just remember, you are there to do your body some good. Once you start your engines, rev up that metabolism and start burning the calories and fat you don’t want to lose focus. You are now in GO mode and that means “Go Baby Go”. Friends can be great for added motivation and accountability but don’t make it a social event. Let’s face it, a beach run is tough and having a bit of chat here and there does help sometimes. However, continuous talking during a workout can decrease the metabolism, or fat burning effect of your workout. The reason? When rest intervals increase, your body will cool down, leading to a slower metabolism. So if you really want to talk and want to hang out with your friends try suggesting, “hey meet you at the coffee lounge after our workout”! Girl Talk galore–Tall Latte please!

8. Last But Important
Always do a cool down. Stretch those well deserving muscles into wet noodles. Everyone seems to remember to stretch and warm up prior to their practice but many seem to forget the ending cherry on top. Allow time for those muscles to cool down and that will be giving them a bit of TLC. When they feel good you will feel good. Ahhhhhh your done for the day–Now go out and Live it to the fullest!

Turn It On and Look Fab!

Juetta West

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