Rock Your World with TRX

Ok Girls, for you gluttons who forego the excuses and actually make it to the gym, chances are you will end up on one of those trusty weight machines at some point during your workout.


You can lift with as heavy or as light as you want but you’ll be sitting. Well, dear reader, that may be where you are losing out on some real exercise. So let’s find an exercise where you don’t get to rest those large muscles while sitting on your butt. OK?

My tormentor and trainer Nicki, found a better work out using my own body weight instead of all those weight machines. It’s called the TRX. What does TRX stand for? Total Body Resistance Exercise. TRX was invented by a Navy Seal. Oh great this should be good. Who’s a Navy Seal? Not me! Nicki insists that TRX is going to “Rock My World”. Maybe it should “Rock Your World” too! It’s hard to understand how nylon straps shaped as an upside down “Y”, incorporating handles and foot straps could possibly “Rock My World”. So I gave it a try. So outside on a tennis court we hooked up this strap concoction to the fencing. That’s the cool thing about TRX, its portability, so you can use it anywhere. So with our trusty TRX straps in this hour of beloved torture, we accomplished what I had never accomplished in such a short time frame before; total body immersion with all muscle groups active at one time. It’s the new and improved way to hit all muscles groups and challenge the cardio system. The TRX works your upper and lower body from multiple angles, targeting every muscle and replicating how you move in real life. Plus, because of the wobbly straps, balance is crucial and each move works not only your core but even your small stabilizing muscles. That means you can improve your balance, strengthen your muscles and work your cardiovascular system all at once. Whew! More experts are realizing that you can develop a great physique using your body weight instead of a bar bell. Really?

So next time, you might want to consider TRX as part of your exercise routine and realize that the ultimate exercise machine is well, it’s YOU!. Just sayin’.

Turn It On and Look Fab!

Juetta West


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