Positivity Doesn’t Wear a Frown

When I decided that I wanted to write about a positive attitude I thought I would turn first to Mr. Webster for his definition of the word. I have my own shower of words but knowing him, his will better serve us all.

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Positivity-the quality or state of being positive.

Now I don’t know about you but I thought you weren’t allowed to use the word in describing the definition that one is looking up. Anyway, there aren’t words to describe this feeling. So they say……….

Every morning when I wake up I walk outside and take three big breaths and say, “I shall live this day to the fullest and with positivity”. I say this with energy and conviction. And, by saying these words, it gives me a WooHoo, and a let’s get going feeling. This whole process helps me in many ways, but most of all, it gives me the positive energy to face the good, the bad and whatever comes my way during the day.

You and I both know that health and happiness are very important to our well-being — but there’s one thing we often forget to incorporate into our daily routines: positive reinforcement. Whether it’s a short phrase or a few long sentences, optimistic mantras or prayer are essential to build self-esteem and inner peace. Prayer or Mantras are a call-to-action to start each day with a happy thought and end each evening with a grateful attitude.

Every evening as I lay my head down to sleep I say, “I lived this day to the fullest with positivity and tomorrow is going to be even better than today”.

Good night and sweet dreams. Are you ready for tomorrow?

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Juetta West

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