Memorial Day and Traveling

Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day was created as an occasion to honor those who have paid the ultimate price to ensure our freedom. It is our opportunity to stop and give thanks for the many who have died protecting that freedom.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

It’s also a time when friends and family get together to celebrate and to hang out. My husband and I are traveling during this special time, and it can be difficult while traveling to keep your routine. Staying with a regimen of eating right, exercising and relaxing can get a bit screwed up. Whether it’s by car, plane, bus or train, here are some of my tips on staying the course.

Packing correctly

Because it’s a laid back and casual trip, I do pack all 9 styles of Turn It On. They’re extremely comfortable for travel, exercising and of course, dining out with friends and family. I pack two pairs of shoes–my kicks (tennies) and a perfect pair of MK (Michael Kors) stacked heels. Both go with all 9 styles and look Ah-mazing. Accessories are next: ear bobs, necklace, bracelets, scarves and my fav cross body bag that adds some flare. The convenience of Turn It On Styles is that they don’t take up much room, wash out and dry in about 45 minutes and then look great whether working out or going out.

Food for Fueling Our Engines

Before we head out on the road, we have breakfast. I have two eggs over medium, whole wheat toast with fresh peanut butter and coffee. This basically will stick with me for about 5 hours.  I don’t nibble or have cravings of any kind with this starter. We both love nuts and therefore we carry them with us everywhere we go—Marconi almonds are our nut of choice. These nuts are delicious, slightly salted and quench that hunger pange when it comes knocking.  And of course the staple we always have is water.  No cals, thirst quenching, water is the perfect accompaniment and we go no where without it.

Post Arrival Routine

Once we arrive and unpack, we are ready to take a walk and get the blood flowing throughout our bodies. As my husband always tells me, “motion is lotion” to our joints.  Whatever you do, get moving.  Don’t sit down and slop down a beer.  It’s so important after long trips to get your circulation going. You’ll feel better plus those few extra calories you’ll burn may make up for the extra ones you are likely to consume over the weekend.

Hit the Grocery Store

Whether we stay with friends, family or in a hotel, we head out after the walk to find a healthy grocery store so that we can stock up on in-season fruits, veggies and for my husband, some organic chocolates. These basic yummies energize us throughout the day.

Lastly but Most Importantly

We look for a fitness facility or gym. For the both of us, it’s our time to purge our minds of clutter and give thanks for the day. We each have our own agenda in the gym and always smile at each other when done knowing that we’ve completed one more aspect of a healthy lifestyle. It’s the buddy system for us—we make each other accountable for being there and working out.   It’s a great feeling walking out with a WHEW!

So, on this Memorial Day Weekend, take some Turn It On styles to simplify your travel and follow these simple tips to maintain your routine.  Safe travels and remember our fallen heroes.

Turn It On and Look Fab!

Juetta West


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