Independence Day 2014

This Fourth of July, we might find ourselves barbecuing, congregating with loved ones and enjoying our precious free time. But July Fourth is also a time to step back, take stock and appreciate the deep freedoms we enjoy every day. In 1776, this great nation, the United States of America, in a struggle for what was right and free, was proudly born…May we celebrate that precious freedom for which our forebearers fought so bravely..We are blessed to live in a land that affords such freedom and opportunity, and that is protected by such brave men and women. Let’s celebrate our patriotism, our nation and our love of country. In honor of Independence Day, I stand strong with others who believe in this great Nation and what it stands for; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Turn It On and Celebrate!

Juetta West

iwo jima

iwo jima

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