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As a fashion maven and a lover of any type of handbag, I have to admit right off, I’m a back pack kind of girl. My backpack was gifted from our son after he finished third grade—fast forward he is now 34! Hum mm, sad but true.. It’s my “go to” bag throughout the week. Even though I love it, I have to admit it’s tough finding anything in it when I need it. Especially if I need it NOW!. So, for all of you restless warriors on the hunt for that perfect bag, get ready to draw your bow and arrow and focus for the kill.

MK purse

We all need a little structure in our lives, whether it is in the form of a meticulously planned schedule, a firm daily appointment with the treadmill, or in this case, a serious handbag. Structured bags are all the rage this season, and we can definitely understand why. BTW, what is a structured handbag. Think of it this way. One that is structured maintains its shape when you put it down. It has “structured” sides and a bottom. One that is without structure is one that loses its shape when you put it down. Kind of like a duffle or drawstring purse without the structured bottom. It’s so much easier to look down into that cavernous pit with a structured purse than one without. Who wants to go sifting around in their structureless purse for a pen or some lip gloss? Ain’t nobody got time for that! My sister-in-law has her selectively structured bag that holds everything from a small screwdriver to the kitchen sink. If you need anything, she has it at her fingertips and can whip it out on command. Some of these purses have little pockets for anything and everything. The good thing is it’s a great looking bag that sings “I am women, hear me roar”.

Structured Bag

Structured bags not only provide lots of room for everything you lug around, but if you pick out the right one it can make you look hot! The somewhat boxy shape simultaneously conveys that you are a lady and that you mean business. Right now there are so many variations of structured bags to choose from it can be bewildering. If you are in a powerful mood, wrestle up a no-nonsense black bag. Feeling frisky? Sling some animal print over your arm. Meow! But whatever style you choose, pick the one that reflects your personality, lifestyle and the glamour in you. But please, please don’t get one that can actually carry the kitchen sink! That is, unless you want to skip the weight training everyday.



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