35,261 Days of Mother’s Love

“A mother holds her children’s hands for a while, their hearts forever.” Author Unknown

To my Mother-in-law,

Recently I lost my mother-in-law.  She was simply tired.  She was nearly 97 years young and the girl still had it in her to almost kick up her heels and dance like no one was watching.

Mom's hands

Mom’s hands

Her hands told the story of her life’s journey and her eyes held the softness of contentment and the delight that beamed when a loved one walked in the room. Her lips adorned in red, spoke freely of her beliefs and pride, and she always had kisses of love available when you really needed it. Thursdays were very important days—it was her day to go to the “Beauty Shop” to get a wash, set and blow out. But once a month she also looked forward to a color and a permanent.  We would all tease her, because it really wasn’t permanent.  It doesn’t seem anything is permanent.  The weekends to her were special.  It was a time to get fancied up and go out to dinner! We were never sure exactly what would tickle her delight on the menu but when it came to wine–her delight was Rombauer Chardonnay—and please no wine bucket! Our phone calls to her at 4:00 pm were always appreciated and we never hung up without saying “We love you”, “Watch Out” and “Bye Doooo”. I have to say, we still dial her number at 4:00 only to realize that no one will answer. Such an overwhelming realization of a loved one who has gone.

Mom and Son

Mom and Son

For my husband I feel his pain, his lost and his endearing love when he speaks of her. I wish for him fond memories of her from all that she gave of herself to better his life and that love that only a mother can give. For me, I smile and think of our talks when no one else was around, the touch of her hand while saying to me, “you look Beauuuuuuuutiful” and all the other little sayings that only she and I shared.

So on this Mother’s Day, I would like to bid ado to a women of fashionable flair, impeccable taste, love for all her family and the gift of her son to me! Night nighty, Jeannette.

Mother's Love for Her Son

Mother’s Love for Her Son

Turn It On and Look Fab as you always did!

Juetta West

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