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BFF Perfume Talk

At our last GNO,  we were all discussing fragrance and how it sets the mood for us fashionistas. I’ve never had a signature perfume until my BFF told me, “yes you do”. So, unbeknownst and certainly not thinking, I guess … Continue reading

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Your Morning Sets The Tone For Your Day

When you wake up in the morning, what are you thinking? What are you saying? Did you know your thoughts could be setting the tone of your entire day? Are you calling defeat into your life that day? Or are … Continue reading

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Don’t Derail Your Diet With Dried Fruit

Recently my husband and I took a huge road trip and of course I forgot to pack our healthy snackie poo’s to bring along. We made a pit stop to fuel up, and I ran inside to hopefully grab an apple, … Continue reading

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Independence Day 2014

This Fourth of July, we might find ourselves barbecuing, congregating with loved ones and enjoying our precious free time. But July Fourth is also a time to step back, take stock and appreciate the deep freedoms we enjoy every day. … Continue reading

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