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Get Fit and Workout in Your Closet

I’ll bet you thought this post was about working out in your closet.  Well it might as well be because what I’m about to talk about is tougher than any workout you’ll ever do.   Spring is just around the … Continue reading

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Workout Clothes with Lace?

After seeing masculine trends rule the runway for so long, we are now officially embracing our feminine side. We have seen that in the bright colors and prints that rule the runway in addition to the fabrication. Lace has become … Continue reading

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A Cute and Sexy Fitness Fruit

OK, we’re talking about apples here and maybe an apple isn’t cute or sexy, but it can add to your overall fitness and health.  Remember that old saying, an apple a day keeps the doc away? That’s a good thing for … Continue reading

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The Reformer is Your Friend

I think we all have to admit that a majority of our athletic wardrobe (and often times ready to wear wardrobe as well) is full of black. Its hard to argue that black is not the way to go when … Continue reading

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The Definition of Fitness Fashion

About a year ago a new trend emerged, “fitness fashion”. What is fitness fashion? Is it fitness wear that has brighter prints and colors? Is it design? Is it fabrics? Is it less function but more fashion or the other … Continue reading

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The Homogenization of Fitness Wear

Fitness wear is ubiquitous today. We see it in the gym for workouts, in the studio for Pilates, in the grocery store and even in casual restaurants and coffee shops. It’s part of the casualization of America. When I look … Continue reading

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What is Fitness Fashion

There is a movement underway in fashion. Let’s just call it the “casualization” of America. It’s been going on since the 1970’s when hippies first invaded San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury district. Even though that’s a radical comparison to what’s going … Continue reading

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