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What’s Your Style?

Fashion is a funny creature. It’s always changing and it’s never predictable. Kind of like us girls! Whether you’re an expert in fashion or a novice hoping to learn a few things, we girlfriends understand the importance of fashion but … Continue reading

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Spice Up Your Pumpkin with some Glamour

I don’t know about you, but October seems to be zooming right along and Halloween is almost here. Every year, it seems Halloween costumes get more and more elaborate. People spend more time and money getting dolled up for this … Continue reading

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Positivity Doesn’t Wear a Frown

When I decided that I wanted to write about a positive attitude I thought I would turn first to Mr. Webster for his definition of the word. I have my own shower of words but knowing him, his will better … Continue reading

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Why You Should Frame Your Face

Sunglasses are high on the radar screen for this Fall.  Here’s some reasons why. “Sunnies” are a great fashion statement. They portray exactly your mood. One pair can say “hey I’m a fitness fanatic”, another may scream “I’m a hot … Continue reading

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Quick & Delicious Dinner for Tonight?

Wanna quick and delicious combo for dinner?  This recipe is simple but Oh So Delicious! Clams and Chicken Sausage makes for not only a beautiful dinner but also clean, healthy and nutritious meal.  It takes about 15 minutes to prepare … Continue reading

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Rock Your World with TRX

Ok Girls, for you gluttons who forego the excuses and actually make it to the gym, chances are you will end up on one of those trusty weight machines at some point during your workout. You can lift with as … Continue reading

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Four Left at Fashion Week

We have come to the final episode. It is week 14, and if we look at some interesting facts about the number 14 we see that a) it is the number of Stations of the Cross, and b) it is … Continue reading

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