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Project Subway

New York Fashion Week has come to a conclusion after another year of glamour and glitz.  But this year there was something highly unusual.  A sandwich company put on a runway show that stirred the lettuce and tomatoes into a … Continue reading

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A Challenge Misunderstood

Dressed to the nines…I mean week 9 of Season 12! It’s when the competition really starts to heat up! This week the designers are lined up in front of Heidi and told they have the morning off. Immediately everyone thinks … Continue reading

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Inspiration from Turn It On

We each, if we’re lucky, will have our chance to leave a mark on the world, but we are trying too hard to be perfect. So don’t emulate Wonder Woman; think about what’s wonderful to you instead. Then boldly, audaciously, … Continue reading

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I have been training with the same Pilates teacher now for eight years. He has pushed me, pulled me, inverted me and everything in between. He takes each muscle group on the related days and pushes them until I’m one … Continue reading

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Five Figure Killers in Football Season

Are you ready?  WooHoo!  Football is now in season.  I know not all women are into football, but if you are, listen up.  Summer is coming to an end, kids back in school, and we are waiting for Fall to … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, Design

This week starts off at some ridiculous hour with Tim Gunn dressed in some ridiculous umpire outfit. I can’t think of another season where Tim has been in so many costumes! (I am crossing my fingers that we have a … Continue reading

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How to Look Taller–Simple Tip for Fashionistas

Attention all women who would like to appear taller! Here’s another tip from Turn It On to make your legs look several inches longer: Wear a heel with a low cut vamp. We’re not talking about vampires. We’re talking about … Continue reading

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