Healthy Lifestyle Secrets

For years I’ve been asked “what’s your healthy lifestyle secrets? How do you do it?” There is no secret, there is no magic pill and there is no such thing as losing weight while watching TV. Healthy lifestyle secrets are like … Continue reading

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American Dreamers Radio Show with Turn It On Fitness

American Dreamers Radio Show is part of IHeartRadio.  In this segment (click here) the podcast is featuring Turn It On Fitness.  Turn It On Fitness is a fashion fitness clothing line with styling and quality from the fashion runway fused into fitness … Continue reading

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Tips When Buying Workout Clothes – Ignore At Your Own Peril

You gasped with delight when you saw it on the rack. A perfect fit and right on trend, you had to buy it. You eagerly headed to the gym, feeling sassy with every step in your new workout clothes. Then, … Continue reading

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The History of Turn It On Fitness

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Rules for a Great Day

It’s funny how so many peeps think I wake up every morning with a bounce in my step and smile on my face. Well, most days that’s true, but there are those days when I want to hide under the sheets in hopes … Continue reading

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3 Tips to Keep your Engines Burning

Burn Baby Burn!  How about a few quick tips on metabolism? I tend not to be a big eater, but I do try to keep my metabolism up and running. Everyone is different in this respect and all of our engines burn differently. … Continue reading

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Denim or Yoga Pants: Who’s Winning the War?

Why is denim quaking in its boots? Simple answer, activewear is growing at 7-9 times the rate of apparel in general. Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst of The NPD Group, Inc., is a nationally known expert on consumer behavior and … Continue reading

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